Friday, March 5, 2010

Little House Tour

It's about time I showed some updated pictures of our house. As it stands, the picture in your mind is probably something like this:

Or even this:
Which is not the way it looks today; not at all.
And so, here's a tour through my house, showing you some of my favorite things.

Pot lights.

My shiny new faucet and deep sink.

Cream-colored counter-top and my favorite dish.

Blue Thistle walls and a light fixture I really love.


Flowers from Kevin

Cupboard doors. I can only show the doors, because the bathroom isn't finished, yet...

Guacamole paint upstairs,

...with white trim.
And, oh!

my baby is awake! End of tour!


  1. Thanks for the tour :-) and loving what I see a lot but my FAv is that little cutie pie that is awake :-)

  2. Our electrician was quite negative about pot lights, and I was intimidated and so decided against. :-P Glad you like yours!

  3. Very nice! I really like the blue with white wainscotting and green colours. I have those almost exact same colours in my house, too. =) Your house is lovely.