Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Sign Language

Katherine has learned to say "change!"
Her hand sign isn't exactly the same as mine, but it's close enough that we both know what she means. I am enormously excited about this success, and suddenly want to teach her everything: Please. Thank you. More. Milk. Mommy. Daddy. Apple Crisp. And all those other signs you hear about.
The tricky part is, of course, that anything I teach her I must first master myself.
It's the story of my life.


  1. Good job both of you!!! You tube is a great resources for learning BSL

    I love this one the instructions are easy and clear.

    Sarah knows lots of signs about food, I guess that is what is her interest (est, cereal, bread, apple, milk, water, banana etc...)Funny things she could care less if she was change or not so that is not a sign that she have mastered yet LOL

    How old is Katherine now, she look sooo grown up! Miss you 2 a lots

    The Stam's

  2. You might find that she uses signs one at a time...she might drop this one when she learns the next one. At least that's what Seth did...he had a "change" stage, a "more" stage, and an "all done" stage, among others. But then, she's a girl, girls are supposed to be able to multitask.

  3. Thanks for the link, Renee! Every site I went to that looked promising wanted me to buy their book/movie/flashcards, etc!
    Nelleke, she just learned please (and thinks it means "pick me up," but when I don't respond to her sign, she tries her other signs for me. Mostly "change." It's like she's trying to get through to me, but I'm being so dense...