Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here in Lewis Mountain, we have water so hard it would disown its mother. It also layers itself on the sink and taps, making cleaning them virtually impossible.
Impossible, that is, without magic eraser. I recently discovered the Eraser's shining powers, and went to town on my sink, that very day.
When Kevin came home, I told him about it.
"...and look how nice and shiny the sink is! Isn't it nice?" I asked him.
"Mhmm." said Kevin from behind the paper. "Very nice."
I glanced at him and saw his complete lack of interest. "You don't care!" I cried, turning back to the sink, doing my best to appear to be stricken with grief.
Alarmed, he put the paper down and nearly jumped out of his chair, overcome with remorse, probably. Then he noticed that I was faking.
He looked at me disapprovingly.
"Someone who's on the emotional roller-coaster that you're on shouldn't make jokes like that!"

I just laughed.


  1. Oh dear, you guys are just toooo cute! WE have hard water here too and yes I KNOW how you fell!!! Even with our water softener it's still very hard!

    (I notice it's getting worst lately maybe Harry needs to take a look at the water softener, might need a bit of TLC)

    But for your sink issue, I find after I washed it if I rub a bit of olive oil in it and on the faucet that it's does repel stains and keeps it shiny longer :-)

  2. hehehe
    I did hear that the magic eraser works well but that it is quite toxic especially for little ones. Just a heads up.