Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blogging is a Life

Nelleke tells me that she hopes to restart blogging at Education is a Life. The sudden re-interest in blogging was brought on by a trip down memory lane through her old xanga.
Ah, those were the days. Remember the Great Chocolate Heist of '05? And the Lover's Leap Episode? It's so much fun to remember.
And yet, there are amazing memories in these present days. It's just that they're harder to identify if you're not reading them online.
What a funny world.


we're just about ready to step into suburbia. Our closing date is next Friday, and yesterday we signed the papers for the house.
I'm up to my ears in pins, trying to figure out the perfect colour combination for our part of the house. Nanny already picked the colours for her (possible) apartment. It was easy. She just copied the colours of her former house.
So simple.
It reminded me of Kevin's wallet shopping actually. We searched and we shopped till we found the perfect one, and what did it look like? His old one. Only newer.

It's certainly simpler to live that way.
And yet - I can't stop pinteresting.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Uncles and Cousins and Aunts, oh, My!

I love that we live close enough for the girls to hang out with their uncles and aunts. Maybe I don't love that there is an animal draped around Esther's neck. But you know what I mean.
When we go to Oma's; Esther happily establishes herself in a tupperware bin on the table in the bakery, and Katherine plays with Aunt "Jewy" and Aunt "Mawia." (those names bring back memories of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker - the names only; not the people...)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rules for Moms to Live By

A little while ago, I was over at Burnt Suppers and Scraped Knees, and I saw a list entitled "Rules for Girls to Live By."
Ever since then, I've wanted to do one myself. "Rules for Moms to Live By," I call it. With a nod to Millie.

1. Wear hats. Even if you drive a mom van, you're still you.

2. Think before you buy clothing. Take a little exploratory jaunt to the mall to see what people are wearing these days. Yes, I know. You haven't been there since you were a teenager. It's okay. This is research.

3. Make your home a pleasant place to be. You are responsible for the atmosphere in your home. I think I'll bold this one. It's important.

4. Let them help.

4. Read good books.

5. Wear dresses. They still fit when you gain and lose 2 sizes the same month.

6. Never be too busy to snuggle with your husband.

7. Try new recipes, but only sometimes.

8. Play with your kids.

9. Never forget when naptime is.

10. Never give up.

11. Be compassionate to your kids. Think about how God parents you.

12. Laugh often. If it's going to be funny in a few years, it's funny now. Get over yourself and let the giggles out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Autobiography of a Mom

I've been reading past blogs, and am - once again - thoroughly enjoying my own writing. It's hard to be humble, when all you can think is, 'That's hilarious!'
It was an inspirational experience, to say the least. And so, I decided to blog again.
I tried to remember why I had stopped.
It wasn't hard;
I stopped because I was too busy being a mom.
Well, then. That would be the end of that, wouldn't it. It will be years. Twenty or thirty or fourty fabulous, mothery years before I blog again. Babies, I'm all yours.
In the meantime, perhaps I shall change the title of this blog to 'Autobiography of a Mom,'

just so no one is surprised by the lack of posts.