Monday, March 1, 2010

Sturdy Legs

I was talking to mom, and told her that we got Katherine a Jolly Jumper.
"She's too little." said mom. "I would never put a baby in one of those until they were at least 9 months."
Says I: "But Sophia has one, and she's only a wee bit older."

Mom paused for a moment, then recovered.

"But Sophia has such sturdy legs."


  1. *laughs*
    Koppert legs.
    For real though I think that they need to be able to sit up by themselves.

  2. Oh dear!
    taught it was if baby have head control, holding his/her head alone is a sign of readiness for the JJ

  3. I think so, too. She can't quite sit up on her own, and we never leave her in for longer than 15 min, but she loves it!
    I think it's the independence. She can turn in whatever direction she wants, to look at whatever she wants...

  4. So, uh, Simon was in his JJ at just under 3 months. He also loves it, and sometimes will play around in it for up to 45min!