Monday, October 4, 2010

A Good Listen

One of my new favorite things to think over is parenting, and one of my sisters recommended this sermon by Albert Martin. He brings out the Biblical fact that our parenting is to be patterned by God (that's the sermon title, actually; "Parenting Patterned by God").
In this particular part of his series, his focus is on how God relates to His children. He shows the atmosphere of warmth, love, and compassion that characterizes God's relationship to us, and points out that there should be that same atmosphere in the home, between parent and child. SO important!
I enjoyed it, and learned some vital things about mothering. I strongly recommend it.


  1. Yes it was a good sermon :-)

    Although what I got out of it was that we need to reflect God's way to discipline us and do the same to our little one, using a FIRM but LOVING hand (if that make any sense).

    Too much love is not better then not enough, we need to find a balance between the rod and love.

    I keep hearing and reading so many parenting advice not to spank a child or rebuke or say no to them (only use no for urgent danger) that to my opinion would mean that a kids would be allowed to destroy your walls but because it's not putting his/her life in danger you do nothing?!

    I like the other sermon that Nico posted along with the one you've mention here :-)

  2. I got through most of it before being completely distracted by a Small Boy. :-) I really appreciate that we have such a great Role Model to teach us how to handle our children!! It reminded of me of a discussion P & I were listening to on Sunday. Have you ever heard of Bryan Chapell? If you scroll down to March 22-25, there is a little series on parenting.

  3. I couldn't figure out which one you meant... I thought I had it, and then it wasn't about parenting at all.
    Maybe I had the wrong year?