Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts on the Unfortunate Necessity of Having Another Hot Turkey Sandwich

Nursing is hard work! Lately I have been realizing why it has become common for mothers to stop at 6 months. Katherine eats so much, and mommy eats even more!
Poor Kevin. He was so excited about the apple pie that I had made... and so disappointed to find it all gone after getting one piece. It's a trifle embarrassing for me, eating 2 servings of everything at supper, while he eats only one, but it seems a necessity, these days.
I'm back to my 17-year-old weight, and can't seem to gain anything back. It's time to buy new, smaller, clothing. Maternity outfits, baby-weight still there outfits, regular outfits, and now skinny outfits. I'd rather not.
I worry about going to visit family in Ontario next month; I'm never going to be able to eat constantly while visiting; they'll think I'm addicted to food or something. And it's not just the social aspect of things; the logistics of carrying a purse full of food with me as well as the baby seem too challenging.
Well, I must go and have another chocolate chip cookie... Oh, the trials of motherhood.


  1. I smile reading this post and KNOW exactly what you mean!!!

    I found that eating handful of nuts and seeds between meal help me be less hungry and less tempted to overeat during meal or other sugary snack.

    I also eat lots of fruits during the day, keeps my energy up (to do all the thing a mother needs to do and have enough milk to satisfy a ever growing not so little anymore baby!

    Combo of fruit and protein helps a lot!

    Nursing is the best for baby and your doing a great job Dinah and reading articles like this one http://www.naturalnews.com/029863_Similac_infant_formula.html makes me glad that I nurse our babies!!!!

  2. Such a nice girl Dinah :p.

    The last time we were in Moncton we went to the market sometime after breakfast (This means that I already had toast.). I had a Chai Latte, and a gelato. I bought a Creme Brulee for later, and Peter gave me a morning glory muffin. I saved these good things to eat later. We went on a road trip to Sackville and by lunch time those things were well started.
    Later that day Jeremy asked me if I normally ate like that. He was horrified that I just kept eating.
    It's not normally Creme Brulee, but yes I do eat like that too.
    I'm at my 14 year old weight (any guesses?), but I do work at it. Either 20 mins of Wii Fit or a mile walk.

  3. Yay for fat babies. I have no idea how much I weigh. I am hungry all the time though and Lincoln eats every 1 1/2 hours or so during the day. I'm trying to eat good for me food so his weight ends up bring healthy weight. :) I consider Creme Brulee healthy, all those eggs and milk. :) Wendy

  4. funny about weight

    I was 75 lbs at 14
    86 lbs at 17
    I got married at 115 lbs at 27

    Got preggo and now 3 babies later at 145 lbs and finality at a normal weight for my height!

    I also am working hard, not to loose it but rather keep it on, I do not wish to be back to my 14, 17 or 27 years old weight LOL

  5. ha ha, well at least I don't have that problem to worry about! :P

  6. Eat away. Dinah, I can pack some. As for weight, I could lose some, so I bought expensive walking shoes today. Early birthday present.

  7. Thanks, mom! I know your purse is very capacious! I must find some diary-free granola bars or something!

  8. Not to worry, we have food in Ontario too...and thanks for the warning, I will be sure to go on an enormous shopping spree before your arrival, we must send you back to Kevin looking health! KS