Monday, May 16, 2011

And again...

Fabulous news! Kevin and I finished the deck on Saturday. He even made a gate with a latch, so that Katherine will have a nice safe spot to play in. I am so excited to have this, and proud of Kevin (though that may sound cliche). He tells me he's not sure what he's going to do to make the railing of the deck, and then he makes a gorgeous one. He tells me he doesn't know where to start on a gate, and builds a nice sturdy one in less than an hour. Obviously "not sure what I'm going to do" means something different to his male mind than it means to mine!
I must do a picture post one of these days, with his new signpost, deck railing, and our crown molding and wall upstairs. This place looks better every day. Kevin gets the itch to improve something, and it happens. I used to tell him that we didn't need it (save that 200$ for something else, I'd think), but one day I was talking a fellow SAHM and changed my ways. She was talking about her husband buying something fairly expensive and announcing it sheepishly, not sure how she would take it. "Well," she said to me, "he's the one that makes the money, and if he thinks we can afford it, then it's not a problem."
*Lightbulb on.* We sure can!
So now I sit back and enjoy it. Life is good!


  1. Oh a deck with a gate sounds GREAT!!!!! What a huge blessing it is, you and K will LOVE it I am sure!!!!

  2. Despite a reputation the other way, there are things that we have that I might not have bought because of the $$, but Peter figured it was worth it. And you know, I think he's always been right.

  3. That's always good to remember. He's the one working. Wendy