Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Beyond the Pavement's Edge (Part 1)

In summer, living beyond the pavement's end is idyllic. We work on our property, making it more orderly. I go down to the garden in the early morning to check on the tomatoes and find myself staying too long, pulling out weeds as the sun comes up over the ridge.
In winter, it's beautiful. The snow on the trees contrasts with the winter's extra blue in the sky, and I walk up to the neighbour's and rock a while, listening to her stories of growing up here; sharing Katherine's latest achievements.
Spring is even better, as things start to warm up. The warm micro-climate in front of the house invites us outside. I start seeds inside, which never make it to the garden, but they grow on top of the fridge and make me feel thrifty.
And Fall - I love the fall. It's a time for harvesting and feasting. Jack's Pumpkin Shack fills their roadside stand, and I pick apples from a forgotten orchard. I bake. Apple pies, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, new salsa, and pickles all make their way through my kitchen. Some I keep, some I let Kevin try. We think Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, when I'm enjoying the thought of all that I have here, I wonder what Kevin's view of this place is. Would it be very different from mine? Would his vignette consist of hunting, home repairs, snow-clearing, and relaxing in 'his' chair?
And Katherine; what would she see? Pooh, book, mommy, daddy, cheerios, and dolly. Probably that... she's living the good life.

As we all are.


  1. Beautiful. When can we move in?
    (so glad you are so happy!)


  2. Now I really want to go for a visit!!!!!